Winning technology innovators of The Charge On Innovation Challenge announced

May 12, 2022

The Charge On Innovation Challenge has concluded and the Project Leads from the Founding Patrons wrap-up the Challenge.

In our global quest to significantly decarbonize mining operations, eight technology innovators’ submissions have been selected to progress beyond the Charge On Innovation Challenge, which seeks to accelerate commercialisation of effective solutions for charging large electric haul trucks while simultaneously demonstrating there is an emerging market for these solutions in mining.

The eight innovators selected are ABB, Ampcontrol and Tritium (Australia), BluVein XL, DB Engineering & Consulting with Echion Technologies, Hitachi Energy, Shell Consortium, Siemens Off-board power supply, and 3ME Technology.

The Charge On Innovation Challenge was launched in 2021 and invited vendors and technology innovators from around the world and across industries, to collaborate with the mining industry to present novel electric truck charging solutions.

Read the full official announcement here.

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