BluVein Launches as 7 Major Mining Companies Sign Project Funding Agreements

August 16, 2021

Brisbane, Australia – BluVein, the highly anticipated ‘next generation’ trolley-charging technology for heavy mining vehicles has officially launched.

Richard Bach, BluVein; Romulo Sanhueza, AngloGold Ashanti; Holly Kiely, AngloGold Ashanti; Rodney Hocking, OZ Minerals; Trevor Kelly, CMIC; Jeffrey Brown, Northern Star Resources; Nick Gardner, Vale; Simon Pritchard, Olitek; Gregory Ingram, Olitek; Shayne Wisniewski, Glencore; James Oliver, BluVein; Tony Sprague, Newcrest Mining.

Seven (7) major mining companies have just signed funding agreements with BluVein to enable final system development and the construction of a technology demonstration pilot site in Brisbane, Australia.

BluVein welcomes our project partners: Northern Star Resources, Newcrest Mining, Vale, Glencore, Agnico Eagle, AngloGold Ashanti and OZ Minerals. Some additional mining companies who are still in the process of joining the BluVein project will be announced as they officially come on board.

In addition to our mining company partners, BluVein also has agreements in place with four (4) major mining vehicle manufacturers (OEM’s) to support BluVein controls and hardware integration into their vehicles.

About BluVein

BluVein is a partnership between Olitek (Australia) and Evias (Sweden). Olitek has been active in the mining technology & innovation space for over 25 years, and Evias has been developing and refining their e-highway and charging-on-the-go technology for over 10 years. By collaborating with each other, the companies' combined experience and specialisations have uniquely enabled the BluVein technology.

The BluVein project, which will be managed by the Canada Mining Innovation Council (CMIC), will see the proven EVIAS e-highway technology adapted specifically to heavy hauling applications in open pit and underground mining and in quarrying sectors.

The BluVein Technology

BluVein provides a generational leap forward compared with historical overhead catenary and pantograph systems. It allows grid power to be supplied directly to a vehicle’s traction drive motors and simultaneously charging of onboard batteries. This feature eliminates all battery swapping and static vehicle charging requirements, enables smaller and lower cost batteries and increased haulage speeds. BluVein has been specifically designed for harsh mining environments and is completely agnostic to vehicle manufacturer. This standardisation is crucial as it allows a mixed fleet of mining vehicle, common at most mining operations, to utilise the same BluVein rail infrastructure.

A key safety feature that has attracted attention from the mining companies is BluVein’s patented slotted rail. The ingress protection (IP) rated slotted system effectively eliminates all exposed high voltage conductors which provides significantly improved safety and ensures compliance with mine electrical regulations.

BluVein together with our partners see an urgent need for this technology to enable the removal of diesel emissions from underground operations and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This urgent need is driving the willingness to fund the acceleration of the BluVein technology into a commercially ready system for mine site deployment.

The entire team is excited to start this collaborative journey, and to fast-track the transformation of the global mining industry.

To learn more about this project and how to partner with us, feel free to visit our website or contact us on the following details:

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